Meet Our Team

Team member Dr. David Paterson with two large black and white dogs

David Peterson, DVM

Dr. Peterson has been the owner, manager, Kings Creek Animal Hospital since May of 2010 when he purchased the practice from his Grandfather, Hans Peterson D.V.M.

Dr. Peterson graduated from Kaufman High School in 1997 and received his Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M in 2001. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. After graduation he completed an internship in emergency medicine in Houston. He practiced for 3 more years at various emergency clinics in Houston and Sugar Land before returning to take over Kings Creek.

He had always wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in becoming a veterinarian. He could see the respect that the community gave him and wanted to help animals like he did. His favorite thing about working with animals is helping them live longer, healthier and more comfortable lives.

His professional interests include practicing high quality, progressive medicine and surgery. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and the Dallas Veterinary Medical Association.

His family consists of his wife Amy, and two children named Hans and Daniel. He also has 4 dogs (Diesel, Cherry, Wolfe and Shiner), 2 cats (Athena and Lone Star), and a saltwater fish tank.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, woodworking, Camaro restoration, training his Golden Retriever, and taking care of his saltwater fish tank. Shiner, his golden retriever passed as a Started Retriever in the UKC hunt test.

Team member Carolyn sitting next to a large black and white dog


Office Manager

Carolyn is the Office Manager at Kings Creek Animal Hospital and has been with us since February 2011. She was born in Dallas, TX and moved to several towns in the Dallas area before her parents moved to Irving, TX where she lived until 1981. She attended Draughon’s Business College where she earned her degree as an Executive Secretary.

She started in the veterinary industry due to her son, Dr Peterson, taking over the hospital from his Grandfather and he asked Carolyn to step in and help him manage the practice.

Her family consists of her husband who she has been married to since 1975 in Irving, her three children, ten grandchildren that range from 3 years old to 24 years old.

When she’s not at the hospital, Carolyn loves being a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She loves spending time with her family as much as possible. She is also active at her church, and loves to shop.

Team member Charli sitting with a large tan and white dog


Head Vet Technician

Charli has been with Kings Creek Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician for 3 years. She has a bachelors degree in Animal Science which she received from Tarleton State University. She grew up not too far from Kaufman.

Charlii has always wanted to work with animals in some way and when she did, she learned that she loved it and decided to make a career out of it. Her favorite thing about working with animals is seeing them go from sick to being healthy.

Her furry family consists of a chihuahua named Smalls, and a quarter horse named Sloan. When she’s not at the hospital, she enjoys riding horses, working with cows and being with family.


Veterinary Technician

Patty has been a veterinary technician at Kings Creek Animal Hospital for 2 years. She was raised in and has worked in Dallas all of her life. She decided to escape to the small country life and has been living in Terrell for the last 20 years.

She has been in animal welfare for 20+ years and sits on the board of a 501(c)3 animal rescue. She hung up her “corporate hat” and decided to work with animals full time – a job that’s meaningful and rewarding at the same time.

Her family consists of her husband Shawn, two dogs Sarah & Annalee, and two cats JD & Betsy.

She’s currently pursuing her degree as a licensed vet tech at Cedar Valley College.


Veterinary Technician

Cheyenne has been a veterinary technician at our hospital since 2019. She moved to Kaufman as a kid and went to Animal Behavioral College. She’s always loved working with animals and helping them every day.

Cheyenne and her husband have 7 pets (2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 bird, and 1 tarantula). When she isn’t working, she spends time with her family and likes doing DIY projects around the house.



My position at the clinic is office administration. I have been working for Kings Creek since January of 2020. I moved to Kaufman 8 years ago in order to be closer to my family. I started working at Kings Creek animal hospital so I could be closer to home, and my kids. I love working in this industry because I love all animals and feel like they deserve the best care. My husband Chris and I married in 2016 and have two children, Caden & Chloe. We love to go hunting in the fall and like to enjoy the dirt track during the spring and summer months. Our pets include Hunter, Bella, Benji, & Mylie.



Melissa has been a receptionist with Kings Creek since September of 2018. She’s spent most of her life and grew up in the area.

Her love of dogs is what got her to join the veterinary industry.

Her family consists of her fiance Andrew, and their yorkie (and clinic mascot!) named Adaline.

In her free time she loves to cook/bake, travel and spend time relaxing at home with her dog.


Kennel Tech

Abbey’s position with the Kings Creek Animal Hospital is the role of Kennel Tech. She helps clean up after the animals before and after surgeries, and helps take care of animals in boarding. She has been with the clinic since January 13th, and loves working here! Abbey was born in Oregon, raised in Vermont but feel like Texas is her home. During the years that she was raised in Vermont, her Mom home-schooled me and my brother. Where she grew up in Vermont, it was very isolated and her Mom felt like her brother and her needed more. She talked her Dad into moving them to Texas. Her Dad got a job working at a hospital in Dallas, Texas. She was raised with horses and in order to be happy in Texas, her Dad knew she had to have her animals. Abbey’s dad bought property in Scurry, Texas so she could have my horses. That is how I have come to live in this town.

Growing up, Abbey’s Mom always told her and her brother that they should always tend to those that are weak or vulnerable, be it people or animals. Living in the woods in Vermont, they often found wildlife in need of care. Her Mom was always eager to assist, no matter the species, and it is because of her that Abbey found a love for animals, too. One time, a skunk showed up on their back porch with a glass jar on his head. Abbey’s mom got her hands on a have a heart trap and set it up. When she caught “Basil”, her mom named him Basil, she placed a towel over him and pulled him out. Abbey’s mom said, “Skunks won’t spray you if they feel confined.” She got a glass cutter and broke the bottle from the skunk’s head. She then washed the skunk’s wounds and released him. Basil stayed close to their home where Abbey’s mom fed him and kept him in safe keeping. Abbey helped Mom tend to wild birds, squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, stray dogs, feral cats and many other species of animals.

When her mom would say, “You should be a vet, Abbey; you’re a natural at this.” She would tell her mom, “No Mom, I can’t watch them suffer.” She would say, “Abbey, you help stop the suffering.” Her mom always took good care of our animals by taking them to the Vet for their vaccinations and care, making sure they were spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and healthy. During one of those visits, Strawberry a supervisor at Abbey’s Vet’s office suggested she apply for a position at the clinic. She was so excited and jumped at the opportunity. When she began working for Dr. Peterson and Kings Creek Animal Hospital, she began to understand what her Mom meant, that doing this job, helps ease the pain of suffering animals. Abbey knew where her heart belonged. She knew that this was my passion, my dream, my goals. She wants to be a Veterinarian along side Dr. Peterson. Abbey is not a veterinarian yet, but would like to learn surgical procedures that help provide comfort and healing to animals in need. She is passionate about this field of work because of her adoration for animals. She wants to see them thrive and live out their best lives.

Abbey’s family includes her dad, David, who lives in Vermont with her mom, Livy and her brother, Ryan. She is 19 years old and her parents raised her to be independent. Her mom taught her and her brother how to handle their finances responsibly. She told us not to be a burden on our communities or society. Abbey’s mom made sure they had the foundation to rise and fly when it was our turn to do so. As a result of her upbringing, Abbey is living on her own and tending to her own bills and pets. She is responsible for herself, her choices and the direction she takes in her life.
Just because she and her family don’t live in the same state, it does not mean she is without them. Abbey’s family supports her in whatever path she chooses to take. They are her biggest fans. She strives to make them proud of me.

Abbey would like to also add that sometimes family also arrives in her lives from other places. She feels like Dr. Peterson and Strawberry are also her family. She believes family is anybody that wishes to see you do well, helps you when you reach for them, and is there for you in any of the conditions you might arrive in. She has a beautiful family.

Her pets include, but is ever changing, as in adding to, her dogs Kiana, Rhina, Juliette, Levi and Gracie Marie and her cats, Finny, Tito, Lucy, Toula, Hera, Oliver Charli, Harvey Dent, and Flynn. All of her animals came to her in their hours of need. Abbey loves animals and doesn’t have the heart to turn them away. She will raise them, protect them, and love them until their time comes to cross over. Her animals will never be without a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and the vet care they need to live happy, healthy, and peaceful lives.

Abbey’s personal interests are protecting and helping domestic animals and wildlife animals. She loves taking classes to help advance her skills. She’s taken leadership classes through 4H and has volunteered at multiple venues for her community. Abbey cares about her community and finds tremendous joy in assisting where possible and when called upon. She has run concession stands at the local fairgrounds for fairs and events. She has volunteered to help at the State Fair as well, tending to the animals before shows.


Kennel Tech

Karina’s position with the Kings Creek Animal Hospital is the role of Kennel Tech since October 2020. Karina moved from California with her parents in 2006 and has been in Texas ever since. She is a recent graduate of Forney High school in Forney, TX, class of 2020! It was her curiosity of the veterinary field that brought her to us, she loves animals and getting to know their individual personalities and needs. She has a few pets of her own which include 2 dogs named Capulina, and Captian as well as Zuko the cat. She enjoys baking with her family, playing games, and watching movies. She looks forward to learning more about her current role with Kings Creek and hopes to become the first person in her family to obtain a Ph.D. in the future.